Our Team


Murtaza Izzee – Founder

Murtaza has been an information security professional for the last 10 years with over 5 years doing security for financial institutions. He has played on both offense and defense and currently is working on his Master’s Thesis in Cybersecurity at NYU Tandon. He has been an early adopter of cryptocurrencies and is fascinated with the future globalization of payments in a secure and efficient way.





Mohammed Badri – Founder

Mohammed is a young student whose experience in blockchain was limited to his fascination of the technology. However in the past year he has learned about it’s many daily applications and uses. After learning Kotlin and Java Mohammed has started taking interest in smart-contract development and it’s uses for the benefit of those in need. He is driven to help create equal financial security to those in less fortunate situations.





Murtaza Badri – Member

Murtaza has 20 plus years of entrepreneurial experience having started and in some cases failed in many different businesses. His several years working in business and foreign trade exposed him to inequities that exist within the current financial system. He strongly believes that mass adoption of crypto currencies and making user access to liquidity easier is paramount to bridge the huge financial gaps that exist within the current economic system.